The Top Green Features Buyers Seek in New Homes

  • 4 years ago
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This article is from the March 2021 edition of Realtor Magazine. I found with everyone looking to go more green why not make some slight improvements before you sell.

Energy efficiency is on many buyers’ minds when they shop for new-home construction, according to a consumer survey from the National Association of Home Buyers. The NAHB surveyed more than 3,000 home buyers—both recent and prospective—on the features they most desire in their new home.

Many buyers said they’d go with the more sustainable option, such as the use of more durable materials in their home, when presented the option.

When the cost savings of these features are pointed out, they may be even more tempted—and they say they are willing to pay up front to help lower their utility bills. On average, buyers would pay up to $9,292 more for a home in order to save $1,000 annually on utility costs, according to the NAHB’s study.

The top eco-friendly components and designs consumers said they desired:

  • Energy Star–rated windows and appliances
  • Efficient lighting that uses less energy than traditional bulbs
  • Energy Star rating for the whole house

Other trending features center around health and wellness, such as zone heating, purified air appliances (like UVC fans), indoor air quality sensors, and connections to the outdoors, the NAHB said.

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